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Unstoppable Warrior
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Let Tricia Help You Unlock Your Purpose, Your Passion, Your LIFE.

#1 Best Selling Author Tricia Andreassen is a Business, Life, Spiritual and Leadership strategist. She provides teaching, speaking, training and coaching as well as unique unlocking tools to blend the depth of spirit that lies within to help you create lasting change. Her mission is to help Christian business owners, Christian Executives, and Christian Leaders unlock inner strength, discover unique stories, raise confident voices, and market vital messages through web, media, public relations, publishing and speaking. She has over 3 decades in helping business owners who are in real estate sales, direct sales, as well as specific experience in working with coaches, speakers and trainers.

For over 2 decades, Tricia Andreassen, known as the 'Unstoppable Warrior' has been a cataylst for the success and growth of many who now rank among the top lists in their fields. In her business work, her strategic marketing, advertising expertise, brand execution and creative practices has resulted in thousands of CEO's, start-up's, Entrepreneurs, business owners and companies ranking on success lists such as the Wall Street Journal, Real Trends Magazine, Inman News, RIS Media and boundless others.

As a speaker she has shared the stage with many leaders, speakers and authors such as Jeff Hoffman (Founder of,Thelma Wells (Women of Faith Tour Speaker),and many more. She was a singer for her written song called "Shift" at the Keller Williams International convention with over 7 thousand in attendance.

Business Coaching

Tricia is like no other in her field due to her ability to interfuse the heartbeat of your spirit, the annointed word of God, and her unstoppable faith for what can be achieved! With the blending of your target audience and the marketing that needs to accompany it, she leads her clients through a roadmap process that pulls it all together. With the foundation of putting God at the core of who you are, what you do and why it matters, she wants to ensure that you have a plan and a process for long term success; a legacy of impact.

Starting with what your heart is calling for you to accomplish as well as the dreams you personally have, Tricia builds the pillars for your personal success as well as your business success. "I find their common thread is the need for increased clarity in communication and increased focus on vision to be accomplished. Christians in business roles, management, sales and leadership have such an opportunity to make a real impact in their communities through their businesses and ministries—much more than they know is possible." Comments Andreassen.

Her proprietary Interfusion Marketing® roadmap process blends understanding your personality, your strengths and also the way you process to reach maximum performance while loving what you do. Her spiritual growth insight, mindset practices, and decades of experience as a CEO of multiple companies that involve strategic planning, branding, advertising, offline marketing, web marketing, lead generation company, retail sales and book publishing allow her to bring you a wealth of knowledge at your disposal.

- Imagine being able to cut your time in half by having someone along side you that knows what works and what doesn't?
- What if you could double your personal income in 12 months just by knowing the right things to do, at the right time with the right partnerships?
- Imagine running a business that feels like it is doing God's work every single day with joy and praise?
- Think about the memories and moments you could gain with your family?
- What if that ONE Message that is in your heart could be turned into a Keynote, A Book and even a Teaching Series to build passive income?

If you are looking for clarity on how to hone your message, grow your client base, write that book inside you, take your message to the web, or create the flow of your keynote for the big stage contact Tricia today. All you have to do is step into what you know God is calling for you to do. It takes sacrifice. It takes courage. Your dream is waiting for you to claim it. 

Life, Spiritual Growth and Leadership Coaching

God has called Tricia to work with people to create impact and create lasting change in communties globally. She is bringing YOU all of these resources together to break down barriers, build a foundation for long term success, and have unstoppable clarity to go the distance in YOUR GROWTH. From her heart Tricia has shared, "Over the years in the personal journey of my spiritual growth, my prophetic gifts have been something that I am now comfortable "owning" as I know that God has gifted me with these abilities to grasp the workings of the heart. Through this process, I interfuse a deeper understanding of the connection between the Holy Spirit and each heart to reveal and empower what only God can do through them."

Tricia is known to be 'Ms. Unstoppable' and the 'Unstoppable Warrior' as she is willing to go to the distance to ignite the fire within the hearts and spirits of others while bringing God's word through all forms of communication. This is why she blends helping you in your business as well as taking your story and your teachings to different forms of impact. Whether it is through a book, a CoAuthor project, a class curriculum, a Bible Study or through media channels like Radio, Tricia knows how to maximize what is inside you. "The reason I am unstoppable in this movement is I know that God has given to each of us, a unique combination of abilities. We must be unstoppable in our seeking what God wants for our lives! We have to be willing to go the distance, surrender to Him and allow him to work through us." Says Andreassen.

Book Writing, Author and Speaker Coaching

Tricia has helped almost 50 writers become Best Selling Authors, many who have reached #1 Best Selling Author. From helping develop the flow, the voice, the marketing plan and even the media launches she is highly experienced in helping you self publish or become published under her faith-based Publishing Company, Creative Life Publishing and Learning Institute.

Pulling It All Together

The unique blend of Tricia's background is she believes in the powerful tools of art, journaling, drama and creative expression to unlock the best part of you. Whether this is for Business Leaders, Working Mom's, or youth still in school and finding their way, Tricia knows that with the right tools and support system in place, anything is possible.

Increase Your Leadership and Grow Your Influence with Christian Speaker, Christian Business Trainer, Christian Spiritual Growth Coach, Christian DISC Intructor, John Maxwell Certified Teacher and Speaker Tricia Andreassen

Do you have a book inside you? Perhaps you have a feeling that you are to speak, write and develop a course that helps others. Fill out the form to contact Tricia now
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What people are saying! 

The master at getting you where you need to be....Tricia fills the room with excitement and knowledge about being the BEST you can be at everything you do.  Her passion exudes from every inspirational thought and word when she is speaking to a crowd. It would be hard to walk away without learning how to be better at everything you do. 
- Denise Whitty, Senior VP

Magnetic, Innovative and Visionary.....Tricia is an extremely gifted, creative, innovative, magnetic, and visionary speaker. She embraces each person in a group no matter the size. She meets people where they are, opens the doors of their mind through her singing and inspiring message. She inspires others to dream and achieve more than they imagine. 
- Karen Storey, NAR educator

She Inspires Everyone Around Her.....Where do I begin to share the profound impact that Tricia has had on my life? Her primary focus is always on her client's best interests - her immense creativity and solution-based mindset took me straight to results that served me well. She is a visionary leader, and she inspires everyone around her. On a side note, she's got an amazing set of pipes. Have her sing for you sometime!
- Amy Stoher, Coach

What A Great Motivator...Tricia is amazing when speaking and motivating the audience. She is full of positive energy!
- K. Davis, Manager

Like a whoosh! of energy....She is creative, knowledgeable, and her enthusiasm is just downright contagious. If you are looking for a fun and engaging speaker for your event - Tricia is a solid choice.
- D. Lyons, Event Manager

Her humor makes it easy to understand......Tricia Andreassen is the real deal. She just spoke at this event and literally "rocked the house". The audience even asked for an encore!
- Vickie H Smith Enterprises, CEO

Just Remember This..... 

"You have this warrior inside you; a strength you have been created with. You can tap into it, unlock it and recalibrate your business, your life, and your calling like never before." ~Tricia Andreassen
Multi-Time #1 Best Selling Author, Conference Speaker, Media Personality. Blending Business, Faith, Mindset, Marketing and Communication For Breakthrough and Clarity.

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Tricia Andreassen Unstoppable Warrior

DISC behavioral and personality assessment strategist, Christian Business and Leadership Coach, John Maxwell Team, John Maxwell Speaker, John Maxwell Trainer, John Maxwell Leadership Coach, #1 Best Selling Author, Inspirational, Faith Speaker and John Maxwell Speaker and Trainer. Tricia is a  Certified Executive, Leadership, Spiritual and Life Coach. She is also a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach and Trainer to work with organizations, schools, ministry groups and leaders of all faiths. Her life dedication is to give you resources that you can put into practice immediately in your personal life, your business and in your walk with God. All of these integrate together as they create a synergy for you to live the life you are meant for. Her extensive background in working with sales organizations and C-level executives enables her to bring practices to your organization. Inquire today for a private conversation with Tricia to collaborate on what you are looking to achieve.

Book Tricia Andreassen today for your next event and see why so many are raving about how they are "On Fire" in their lives and how it is reaching to all parts of their business, their relationships and more! Events do book up so if this is something you are considering or would like to have a personal conversation with Tricia, please call immediately. Throughout the year private retreats for youths, leaders and women are conducted as well. We would love to have you a part of the momentum and the revival of the spirit of his calling on our lives!

Tricia Fink Andreassen



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